E2A TAZ Headquaters Berlin 2018

Photo Essay by Rory Gardiner

From its early days, architectural photography has been a fundamental tool for the documentation of architecture, the city and the landscape, communicating with a vast audience. But things are changing rapidly today and the role of photographers is becoming more complex: their images do not only document, but to an increasing extent also interpret constructed space. There is less discussion and less writing about contemporary architecture. The visual languages are quickly filling the gap. Narrations in images by photographers are taking on a fundamental role, day by day, for the comprehension and transmission of contemporary architecture. These very personal interpretations can have a decisive impact on our perception of constructed space. This series examines architectural photographers who through their “lenses” are able to offer us privileged “viewpoints” for a better understanding of the space in which we live.

Divisare, Photo Essays #15, May 2019

Photos: Rory Gardiner

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