E2A - Strategic Methodologies

a+u No. 2 - presents a new monography of E2A's work. Included are built and unbuilt projects from the start of their career until today. Three essays cover various topics. In a conversation with Piet and Wim Eckert, Mark Lee spans biographical, academic, and professional references and backgrounds to their work. Architect Christian Sumi analyzes in his essay E2A's design process. The third contribution by Piet and Wim Eckert describes the role of image, plan, and model in E2A's work.

Publisher/Editor: Nobuyuki Yoshida
Editors: Kei Yokoyama (deputy), Sylvia Chen (Singapore), Ayako Sato
Guest Editor: Yoko Fukuda-Noennig

Contributions by Mark Lee, Christian Sumi, Piet Eckert and Wim Eckert

No. 2, 2021 a+u, E2A - Strategic Methodologies
208 pages, English/Japanese