E2A wins Fritz Höger Prize 2014 with the recently finalized project “Escher Terraces”

Silver Award in "Residential / Apartment Buildings" Category
On September 19th, the brick wall high rise-building on Hardturmstrasse has been awarded the Fritz-Höger-Prize 2014 in Silver. The jury (Prof. Andreas Meck, BDA President Heiner Farwick, Prof. Enrique Sobejano, Alexander Schwarz and Bauwelt vice-editor-in-chief Kaye Geipel) had to judge more than 500 entries - which marks a record number of participants.

In addition to 55 apartments, the residential complex on the former Escher-Wyss site completed in May this year also includes two rehearsal stages of the Zurich Opera House.

The exhibition of all prize-winning projects can be seen until October 19th at the Deutsches Architektur Zentrum (DAZ) in Berlin, impressions of the award ceremony on Facebook.

© Rasmus Norlander, Zurich
© Rasmus Norlander, Zurich