Lecture by Piet Eckert at Architectuurwijzer, Genk

The need for housing is a permanent theme in European cities. E2A designed a series of well-known residential projects, such as Werkbundstadt Berlin and Escherpark in Zurich, as well as large mixed-use projects such as Bethanien.

On November 28 Piet Eckert comes to C-mine cultural center at the invitation of Architectuurwijzer to talk about his vision of living closer.

Architecture is a continuous search for the ideal, and at the same time an inventory of reality. E2A is consciously looking for a form that honors both of these principles and that resolves the latent contradictions between ambition, program and location. Desire and reality are increasingly in conflict. That is why E2A develops strategies that integrate discrepancies and extremes with organizational logic and clarity. Restrictions are converted into architectural forms.

Date: November 28, 2019

Time: 8:15 pm

Location: C-mine cultural canre in Genk

More information can be found here.