The House of Councillor Krespel

CAMPO Gallery Rome - Group Exhibiton curated by Antonio Carbone

The house of Councillor Krespel is an exhibition of architecture inspired by a short story by writer and composer E.T.A. Hoffmann (1776-1822). In the initial passage of his story, the author describes the realization of the protagonist's home, which is born from thinking of the building as an experience of its making. The exhibition presents works by architects who contributed with collages referring to this description.

A Group Exhibition with
Alphaville Architect, Mauro Andreini, Aristide Antonas, Tatiana Bilbao, David Vaner, Bruther, Luis Callejas, Pierfrancesco Cherchi, Marco Lecis, 2A+P/A 44, E2A Piet Eckert and Wim Eckert, Luca Galofaro, Alberto Iacovoni, Francesco Iodice, Liverani Molteni, Angelo Monti, Marco Navarra, Lorenzo Netti, Franco Pedacchia, Carlo Prati, Franco Purini, Lucio Rosato, Splitterwerk, Tochtermann Wündrich, Pietro Valle, Wespi De Meuron Romeo, Peter Wilson.


25 January  –  8 February, 2019, CAMPO Gallery, via della Marrana, 94, Rome
18 September – 28 September, 2018, Ordine Architetti Foggia, I-Foggia

La casa del consigliere Krespel. Da un racconto di E.T.A. Hoffmann, edited by Antonio Carbone, with an introduction by Giovanni Corbellini

Order: Casa Editrice Libria


Qui e là
Hither and Thither, Image: E2A Piet Eckert und Wim Eckert
Qui e là
Hither and Thither

Image: E2A Piet Eckert und Wim Eckert