E2A - Methodologies

Exhibition in Tokyo, curated and organized by the Japan Swiss Architectural Association; 18 March 7 April 2022, Venues: USM Modular Furniture Showroom, Création Baumann Showroom, Freitag Store Shibuya and Ginza

The exhibition E2A - Methodologies was organized by Japan Swiss Architectural Association (JSAA). 

The exhibition presents both projects under development and recently completed projects. Each project was represented by a model, an image, and an execution plan investigated the core of E2A’s architecture. As Piet Eckert and Wim Eckert state:

The contemporary condition of producing and developing architecture has become so vulnerable. It is important that we aim for strategic methodologies that deliver resilient concepts. Methodologies are used as an operative tool to evolve priorities in space.

The projects were presented on a three-dimensional, 9.5m long and 2m wide grid of standard USM elements. The white models visually protrude from the exhibition’s grid and conceptually form the projects’ starting and fixed points. The presentation on the matrix followed an open course. Perspective overlaps arise between the projects and allow an additional layer of narrative to emerge.

Exhibition: March 19 - April 7, 2022 Main Venue: USM Modular Furniture Showroom, Tokyo Additional Venues: Création Baumann Japan Showroom, Freitag Store Ginza, Freitag Store Shibuya

For this issue of the exhibition, JSAA planned a decentralized exhibition that includes Swiss related showrooms and shop fronts in Tokyo. The main venue was the USM Modulor Furniture Showroom in Marunouchi. Showrooms of Création Baumann and Freitag also hosted exhibits presenting the work of E2A. The aim was to attract not only architectural related visitors but also the wider audience by placing the exhibition in the heart of the city.


E2A - Methodologies




Exhibition Curation and Design: Piet Eckert, Wim Eckert, Monika Annen
Content Production: Shiping Zhuo
Coordination and Production E2A: Monika Annen
Coordination and Production JSAA: Kentaro Ishida, Tomoyuki Kurokawa, Yusuke Koyama, Kazunori Yamaguchi, Nao Uchida, Taku Neichi
Coordination Support JSAA: Yujin Hirase, Chie Konno, Kosuke Yutani, Sho Kurokawa, Mio Tsuneyama
Graphic Design: Sebastian Fehr
Web Design: ABEZO, Tokyo
Fine Art Prints and Mounting: Frame-man, Tokyo
3D Models: solize, Tokyo


This exhibition would not have been possible without the special support by: Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft, Embassy of Switzerland in Japan, USM Modular Furniture Japan and Switzerland, Création Baumann, FREITAG lab
Sponsors: Richemont, Takenaka, Solize, frame-man
Grant: Window Research Institute Support: Sum M Color, Abezo