International School of Design

Competition, Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen, China, 2018

Building a new design school implies rethinking and to conceptualizing the fundamental spatial protagonists that vanguard the future challenges of the discipline. We propose a radical concept that both identifies the real needs of ISD turning it into typological ideas as well as into zones of great flexibility and openness. The context of the new Harbin Undergraduate Design Building generates a strong sense of an ensemble in which the central court and the vertical accentuation play a key role to identify the main entry. The development of a “court d’honneur” expresses a strong axiality and generates the main routing for the new Design School. The new Design School will be a gateway and a passage into the Harbin Campus.

Teaching Design is based on three crucial disciplines, the necessity to Communicate, to Produce and to Acquire knowledge. For these activities, we introduce different typological spaces resulting in a series of vertically structured volumes. Passage, slabs and a large studio shed are forming the vertical sequence of the building.

International School of Design

Restricted Competition


Shenzhen Municipal Government
Key facts

Competition Team: 

Piet Eckert, Wim Eckert, Alexander Struck, André Passos, Cosimo Caccia, Giulio Branca, Bojana Miskelijn, Karina Hüssner, Mulan Sun, Danny Liu, Jinhui Huang, Tobais Dausgaard