Stadt der Zukunft

Stadt der Zukunft

Lecture by Piet Eckert, Deutsches Architekturmuseum DAM, Frankfurt

Piet Eckert is invited to give a lecture on the topic Die Stadt der Zukunft – gibt es die ideale Stadt ? (The Future of the City – is there an ideal city ?). His lecture will focus on the position of E2A towards the city and the urban context. Different examples of built work, projects, and research cases will be discussed.

Lecture: Thursday, March 12th, 2015, 19.00

Deutsches Architekturmuseum DAM
Schaumainkai 43
60596 Frankfurt am Main

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Photo: site model, The Ideal City, 2012. Ideal City is a research project, which was conducted within the design studio of Prof. Piet Eckert and Prof. Wim Eckert, Chair for Architecture and Sustainable Design at the Hafen City University (HCU) Hamburg.